Digital Footprint offers a comprehensive suite of digital marketing services. We work with our clients to craft a service package that best fits their businesses, their marketing strategies, and their budgets:

We’ll improve how search engines rank your site and point visitors in your direction.
We’ll create and manage your pay-per-click (PPC) ad campaigns on Google Adwords and other search engines with a focus on ROI.
We’ll make sure your company’s social media resources (like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn) are actively and efficiently helping you reach your customers and organically increase your likes, followers, and fan bases.
We’ll create or manage your pay-per-click (PPC) ad campaigns on one or more social media platforms.


Additional Services

Content Creation
Our team of writers creates blog posts, press releases, and other industry-related content to help you get your company’s name out there. Or, if you have your own writers, we’ll review and tweak your content to make sure it’s optimized for SEO before it’s published to the web.
Content Syndication
We’ll push your content to our network of online publishers, news aggregators, trendsetters, and industry tastemakers.
Web Design
Want to tweak the look of your website? Add new pages? Revamp your website entirely? Or start a new site from the ground up? We’ll help you not only create a website you’re proud of, but one that ranks competitively on search engines for target keywords.
Real-time Analytics and Regular Audits
We’ll keep track of how your site is doing (and in turn how we’re doing) and provide thorough status reports on a regular basis.
External Resources
We’ll create additional online resources, like microsites, to help you target specific keywords that relate to your business,your products & services, and your target market. The World Wide Web is just that – we offer SEO & digital marketing to clients worldwide. If your customers use the Internet, we can help you reach them.

We also work with select business partners to provide additional marketing services to complement our services:

  • Email marketing
  • Text-message (SMS) marketing
  • Print media
  • Video production
  • International Services (Baidu, Alibaba, etc.)

With a custom package of these services specialized for your business’s needs, Digital Footprint Marketing has a proven track record of driving traffic, more sales, and more revenue to businesses across the world. Not sure which of these services are right for you? Contact us today and speak with an experienced digital marketing expert.