Digital Footprint Marketing is both Google- and Bing- certified for managing and optimizing your paid search campaigns.

At DFP, our main goals for creating, managing, and optimizing SEM/PPC accounts for our customers are increasing sales and ROIWe have a proven track record of improving our customer’s return on investment through PPC marketing.

We focus on:

  • Keyword Targeting: Our team of researchers break down the competitive landscape for in the paid search market before we begin. What keywords have the highest monthly search volume? How much are the bids for these keywords? Which of my competitors are currently bidding for them? This information is crucial to any successful PPC campaign. DFP compiles and provides all that information for you at the onset of every campaign.
  • Landing Page Selection: We choose the most effective landing page for each keyword and ad group. This is especially important for businesses that have more than one product or service they can provide, or variations of one service. Smart landing page selection is a proven method of increasing our customer’s quality rank and ad score, lowering the cost-per-click for each keyword and increasing ROI.
  • Creating Engaging Ads: We employ a tried-and-true method of effective advertising. Style points don’t matter here. Historical data shows exactly what type of ads customers find the most engaging, and which have a higher anticipated CTR (click-through rate.) We leverage that data for our customers; this leads to your ads being clicked on at a higher rate than your competition.
  • Tracking CPC & CPM: We’re big on analytics and data here. Tracking cost-per-click and cost-per-thousand-impressions numbers allow us to make the best decisions in both optimizing and managing ads. The more data that’s collected, the more refined the process becomes. Over time, every campaign should be more efficient and yield a higher ROI as more data is collected and used.
  • Conversion & Sales Tracking: At the end of the day, we only really care about one thing: resultsWe set up a tracking code on your site so that you can see not only when someone clicks on your ads and goes to your website, but also their actions once they reach your site all the way to either purchasing or contacting your business as a lead.